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2023 in review

Inheritance Tax interest rates continue to rise

Why are Financial Advisers worried about intergenerational wealth transfer?

2022 in review

What happens to Trusts in Wills following a death?

20 reasons to work in partnership with Kings Court Trust

Why Financial Advisers should speak to clients about intergenerational wealth transfer

A customer-first strategy: Providing practical and impartial advice for bereaved families

Research reveals the intergenerational wealth transfer opportunity for financial advisers

HMCTS changes: Inheritance Tax reporting for excepted estates

Ministry of Justice extends virtual Will witnessing legislation

A look back at 2021

Business and Agricultural Relief: What you need to know

Ministry of Justice proposes increase to probate fees

Intergenerational wealth transfers: The risk and opportunity upon the death of your client

2020: The year in review

Why digital assets should be included in a Will

Infographic: Intergenerational wealth transfer in the UK

Should Will registration be mandatory?

Virtual Will witnessing: Are we at risk of seeing more disputed Wills?

Inheritance Tax receipts decrease for the first time in a decade

Transparency: An overview of compliance within the legal services industry

A partner email highlighting how you can grow your business

Inheritance disputes continue to rise – Is ‘modern life’ to blame?

Four celebrities who left behind important lessons about Wills

How Brexit could impact the estate administration process

Civil partnership or marriage? Mixed-sex couples now have the choice

What to expect in 2020

2019 in review

Discussing death with your clients: effective techniques and advice

PPI deadline passes: Are estates now at risk?

Why George Michael’s Will may leave your clients with questions

We answer four of our most asked questions about probate and estate administration

Highlights from the Kings Court Trust 2019 Seminars

Introducing our new guide for professionals: Understanding estate administration

How Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims against estates may impact your business

Q+A with Simon Hancox, David Masterton and Tom Curran

What to expect in 2019

Inheritance Tax review to be published by the end of 2018

Does the legal industry need to be more transparent about pricing?

Research provides insightful findings about the Will writing industry in 2018

How the rise in Inheritance Tax will impact financial advisers

GDPR: Understanding your data responsibilities

Part 2: Understanding probate and estate administration

Partner testimonial: "Reaching head and shoulders above the rest"

Part 1: Understanding probate and estate administration

What is GDPR and how does it impact your business?

Leave more for your loved ones. Plan ahead and make future savings.

Prince’s siblings will inherit his $200 million estate following a year long legal battle

Debt higher than savings for over 50s

Baby boomers unaware of risks of intestacy

Proposed probate fee increases scrapped ahead of General Election

Champagne on ice: how and why to delight your clients

Could the increase in probate fees be unlawful? 

Charities win appeal at the Supreme Court in landmark Ilott inheritance case

Kings Court Trust condemns government’s decision to increase probate fees

Katie Price reveals she hasn’t changed her Will since splitting with her ex-husband

Kings Court Trust adds thoughts to Which? article on DIY probate

Significant increase in online sales delivered by Kings Court Trust

Fixed price v hourly fees – A potentially expensive mistake?

More money than ever to be passed on to the younger generation

A third of parents unwilling to leave an inheritance to their married children

Sharp rise predicted in value of UK generational wealth transfer

New Year, new Will?

Merry Christmas from Kings Court Trust

Leading estate administration provider relocates to Bristol

Women took advantage of her husband’s Alzheimer’s to disinherit their son

What will your digital legacy be?

More people to be hit by Inheritance Tax due to growing number of UK millionaires

Kings Court Trust moves to new office in Bristol

Increase in Will disputes attributed to rising property prices

Changes to Succession Law in Scotland could have big impact on inheritances

Inter-generational wealth transfer – Are US advisers ahead of the game?

A fifth of Britons haven’t written a Will because they don’t feel wealthy enough

Increased probate fees – A ‘stealth’ tax on the wealthy?

Why is the cost of death rising?

Kings Court Trust’s fixed price estate administration service could save bereaved families up to 15%

The majority of the population wants financial advice to deal with their retirement

Millions of Brits banking on inheritance windfalls

Remember a charity week 2016

Record number of charitable legacies left in 2015

Government makes changes to Inheritance Tax rules for non-doms

Judge overturns Will after brothers challenge its validity

Why is it important to talk about dying?

Britain’s top billionaire avoids huge Inheritance Tax bill

Majority of financial advisers plan to extend their range of services

How to mitigate Inheritance Tax - Tips from FT Adviser

I’ve been named as an executor. What does this mean?

A quick guide to Inheritance Tax

Going the extra mile for our customers

UK families pay out record levels in Inheritance Tax

Keeping your Will safe – Why is it important?

Why you should be setting up Onsite for offline use

Ministry of Justice plans could see probate fees increase by 9000%

Five reasons you should be using Onsite

As an executor, am I personally liable?

What’s involved in the estate administration process?

What happens to your estate if you die without a Will?

First steps after death

How to deal with Trusts in Wills

Citizen’s Advice reports sharp rise in queries regarding intestate estates

What needs to be done when someone dies?

What happens to your digital legacy when you die?

Why should I prepare a Will?

What is a LPA and how would it help me?

Dying Matters Awareness week 9–15 May

Lucian Freud’s estate uses portrait to offset Inheritance Tax bill

Could there be a battle ahead over Prince’s fortune?

Kings Court Trust's new look - We are the estate administration people

Lynda Bellingham’s sons taking legal action to challenge her Will

Significant increase in homeowners liable for Inheritance Tax

70% want to leave a legacy for their grandchildren

How Kings Court Trust ensures that your inheritance is safe

Inheritance Tax payments jump to record levels

Could the rise in number of unmarried couples be linked to increased Will disputes?

96% of executors are unaware of their legal liability

Cost of funerals driving families into debt

Kings Court Trust’s response to the planned reform of Grant of Probate fees

Majority of people unaware of risks posed by DIY Wills

Change in Scottish legislation could impact validity of Wills

Rise in public awareness sees more LPAs granted

Rise in probate fees could see bereaved families struggle

Charities to appeal decision in Ilott inheritance case

Grieving families face significant rise in probate fees

Rock star or not, everyone needs a Will

The Emotional Stress of Dealing With a Bereavement

Average Cost of Professionally Written Wills Drop

The Risk of Miscalculating Your Inheritance Tax - You Could Be Branded a Criminal

Regulation of Will Writing Popular Amongst the Public

UK Councils Pick Up £1.7m Bill for So-Called 'Paupers Funerals'

Banks Change Limits on Monetary Releases Following Death

Labour Makes Calls for Significant Changes to Inheritance Tax Laws

Can I Reclaim Inheritance Tax on my Father's Shares Now that the Value Has Fallen?

Charity Supporters Update their Wills at 10,000 feet!

Lower Inheritances Leading to More Disputes and Fraud Cases

Bereavement Services - The Modern Approach to Supporting your Clients

How to Manage your Estate in the Digital Age

The Most Peculiar Will Requests

Inheritance Tax Relief on Charitable Donations Leading to more Contested Wills

DIY Wills "Could Cause Family Disputes" Warns Legal Expert

Ten of the Strangest Wills of All Time

Legacy Income Boost for Charities

President of Gabon to Give Away Inheritance

Do You Fully Understand the New Inheritance Tax (IHT) Regulations?

Over 33% of Brits Reliant on Inheritance for Financial Future

The New Inheritance Tax Rules - Good News or Too Complicated to Understand?

272-Year-Old Legacy Could See Teenage Boys Receive £20,000

Landmark Ilott Ruling May Boost Demand for Professional Will Writing

More Than 16% of Over 60s Leave a Charitable Donation in their Will

Daughter Excluded From Mother's Will Wins £164k Inheritance in Landmark Case

Businessman Leaves £8m Worth of Ferraris to RNLI in Will

British Public Failing to Make Inheritance Plans

Do You Still Need a Foreign Will to Cover Your European Holiday Home?

Man Hides Inheritance From Government to Claim Benefits

How a Cheap Will Could Leave Your Family in Ruins

How a £90 Will from Barclays Cost a Woman Half her Father's House

What Do Our Wills Say About Us?

Thousands of UK Families to Miss Out on IHT Break

Charities Win Landmark Legal Battle over 'Death Bed Gift'

Fake Will Salesman Jailed

Cinderella-Like Figure Has £120k Inheritance Stolen from Half-Sisters

Dying Matters Awareness Week - 18-24 May 2015

Long-term Estate Planning - the New Norm?

25% of Brits Won't Leave an Inheritance

Unregulated Probate Providers a Risk to Elderly Individuals

Blackadder Actress' Will Leaves Fortune to be Divided Amongst Children

Councillor Found Guilty of Defrauding Disabled Brother Out of Inheritance

Landowners Offered New Route to Protect their Land for Future Generations

Heir of Multi-Millionaire Jailed for IHT Evasion

Artwork from Lucien Freud Estate Left to UK Galleries

How Inheritance Tax (IHT) Could be Made Fairer for All

Probate Lawyer Wins Revolutionary Inheritance Case

New IHT Rules Herald Changes to Wills

When William Herd Died He Left £300,000 But His Only Son Never Saw a Penny: Why You Must Write a Will

Facebook Legacy Contacts Now Available

Looking to Spend Your Children's Inheritance?

Dying in Leeds One of the Highest Costs in the Country

Will Writing Services Now Available on Shopping Channel

Online Wills Searched More than Six Million Times in One Month

Older Separating Couples Failing to Update Wills

The Effects of Unregulated Will Writing Highlighted

Reforms to IHT Promised by Conservatives Ahead of General Election

Mother Revealed to Have Stolen £20k of Daughter's Inheritance