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Understanding our fixed fee probate and estate administration pricing

Four solutions for the probate and estate administration process

Whether you want to retain control of the probate application process or hand the entire process over to a professional, we have the solutions to support you.

Option one


Obtain the Grant of Probate


excluding VAT and the probate fee

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Option two


Includes collecting in and distributing up to three assets, or transferring them to up to two beneficiaries. An asset does not include property.


excluding VAT and the probate fee
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Option three


1. Grant and transfer of property
2. Grant and Trust of property
3. Grant and Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust
Each option has a fee of
excluding VAT and the probate fee
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Option four


We will complete the full process of estate administration and can take on the legal and financial responsibility to do so. From dealing with all assets (such as property, shares, and personal possessions), paying debts, paying any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax, and transferring inheritance to the beneficiaries of the estate.

From £2,340
excluding VAT and the probate fee

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Our pricing process

Our Client Services Team are the first point of contact to gain a quote for the administration of an estate.

Our specialists will take the time to speak with you and learn about the details of the estate. We will ask questions that help us identify which solution may be most suitable and provide you with a clear quote based on the composition of the estate. These questions will include whether there is a Will, a property, a surviving spouse, and more. This will allow us to quote you as accurately and transparently as possible.



Indicative pricing for full estate administration

The quote we provide you will be based on the information you have given us about the estate. The quote is valid for 30 days, after which we reserve the right to re-quote. Our charges will be calculated based on what we perceive to be the level of work required to fully administer the estate, and we do not calculate costs based on a percentage value of the estate. We will provide a quote at the outset based upon the information you provide us about the estate, but should you subsequently need further services, we will advise on the cost of these as required.

Our prices for our full estate administration service start from £2,340 (excluding VAT and the probate fee).

Based on previous estates we have administered, the average price for our comprehensive service is as follows:

one  Standard

No Inheritance Tax to pay and no reporting to HMRC required.

Average - £4,190
two  Intermediate

Complex Inheritance Tax return to HMRC completed, but no tax to pay.

Average - £5,603 

three  Complex

Estate is subject to Inheritance Tax and necessary paperwork is completed.

Average - £7,321

Please note, the above figures are based on full estate administration averages only, and we will provide you with a bespoke quote at the appropriate time based on the complexity of the estate administration and legal work involved. All figures quoted above are exclusive of VAT.  

We are currently unable to provide average timescales for estate administration due to the significant level of delays experienced at the Probate Registry.


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Third party costs

In addition to the costs for the work we will carry out, it is typically necessary to incur third party costs as part of the estate administration process. Each estate is different but these third party costs could include:

•   Will search
•   Missing asset and liability search
•   Legal advertising (known as section 27 Trustee Act 1925 cover)
•   Beneficiary ID check
•   Property valuation
•   Land Registry Search

The cost of these third party charges will vary on a case by case basis. As an example average, an estate that contains a single property and is due to be passed on to two beneficiaries over the age of 18 would incur third party costs of £525.00.


Frequently asked questions

How much does a Grant of Probate cost?

In addition to the costs set out above, in order to obtain a Grant of Probate, there is a compulsory charge set by the Probate Registry. This is referred to as the probate fee and is £300 for all applications. Even if you choose to proceed with the probate process yourself, this fee will still be applicable.


How do I avoid probate fees?

The probate fee cannot be avoided unless it is not necessary for a Grant of Probate (or Grant of Representation) to be obtained. Probate is generally not required if:

  • The estate is valued at less than £5,000. Most financial institutions will not need to see a Grant of Probate to release funds lower than this amount
  • Assets were held jointly. Probate is usually not required as these assets will automatically pass to the surviving spouse or civil partner

Learn more about when probate is required and the individual thresholds set by financial institutions.

By completing probate yourself, you can avoid paying professional fees. However, you should weigh up the risk of a delayed application against your quote for professional help. Executors have a responsibility to administer the estate as efficiently as possible, and errors in applying for probate could lead to significant delays in the process. This may leave you at risk of claims and disputes from beneficiaries.


How much do Solicitors charge for probate and estate administration?

Solicitors often calculate their fees from a percentage of the estate value, which is usually between 2% and 5% plus VAT and any third party costs. Another way they charge is on an hourly rate; this means that you cannot receive a fixed quote, and unexpected delays could lead to an increase in the fee.

We recommend obtaining quotes from multiple firms and/or providers so that you can compare what's included for the cost. A transparent, fixed-fee quote that is based on the work involved will provide clarity upfront, as you'll know exactly how much you're spending and what you're paying for.


For a free, no-obligation conversation about probate, estate administration, or our services, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is and what is not included within your fixed fee?

Our summary of services document details exactly what services and third party costs are included in your fixed price, as well as the additional services we can arrange if required. 


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