Peace of mind with

our clear price philosophy.

Our pricing process.

Our Client Services Team are the first point of contact to gaining a quote for the administration of an estate.

Our specialists will take the time to speak with you and learn about the details of the estate. We will ask questions like 'Is there a Will?', 'Does the estate include property?' and 'Is there a surviving spouse?'. These questions will help provide you with a clear quote based on the composition of the estate.

Indicative pricing.


The quote we provide you will be based on the information you have given us about the estate. The quote is valid for thirty days, after which we reserve the right to re-quote. Our charges will be calculated based on what we perceive to be the level of work required to fully administer the estate, and we do not calculate costs based on a percentage value of the estate. We will provide a quote at the outset based upon the information you provide us about the estate, but should you subsequently need further services we will advise on the cost of these as required.

Our prices start from £2,200 and based on previous estates we have administered, the average price for our service is as follows:



(No Inheritance Tax return to HMRC necessary)

standard estate

Average - £2,414


(Inheritance Tax return to HMRC completed, but no tax to pay) 

intermediate estate 

Average - £4,215



complex estate

Average - £5,414


Please note, these figures are based on averages only, and we will provide you with a bespoke quote at the appropriate time based on the complexity of the estate administration and legal work involved. All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT.


In addition to the costs for the work we will carry out, it is typically necessary to incur third party costs as part of the estate administration process. Each estate is different but these third party costs could include:

• Bank transfer charges
• Specialist property insurance for 12 months
• Postal redirection
• Certainty Will search
• Property valuation
• Legal Advertising (know as section 27 Trustee Act 1925 cover)

Whilst the cost of these third party charges will vary on a case by case basis, the average cost of these is £687.06*.

(*This figure is based on an estate containing a single property requiring insurance, passing to two beneficiaries.)


In addition to costs set out above, in order to obtain a Grant of Probate it is necessary to incur a charge set by the Probate Registry. This charge is currently £155 per application by a legal services provider but the government have stated that the fees are to be changed in the near future.

What is and what is not included within your fixed fee?


Our summary of services document summarises exactly what services and third party costs are included in your fixed price, as well as the additional services we can arrange if required. 

Click here to view the summary of services.  

Speak to our Client Services Team.

Every action, decision and service we offer at Kings Court Trust goes some way to achieving our purpose - helping families to move on. That’s why we are so pleased and proud to receive feedback from our families.

“Exceptionally supportive, professional and compassionate. Guided me through the process during a very difficult and emotional time. All questions and enquiries were answered immediately or a clear timeline was given if queries had to be taken away. Always dealt with my questions with great compassion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kings Court Trust.”

“During a stressful time, we used Kings Court Trust on the recommendation of a friend. I personally found them to be extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. They took away the stress of understanding the very difficult process which is the last thing anyone wants to deal with after the death of a family member.”