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We are authorised and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers

You're in safe hands

At Kings Court Trust, the families who entrust us to take care of their estate administration are always in safe hands. We are authorised and regulated by The Council for Licensed Conveyancers ('CLC'), who are a licensing authority who regulate certain legal services, such as those involving conveyancing and probate. Its role is to provide supervision and guidance to the businesses they regulate with a goal of promoting high quality of service and protection for clients and their interests.

The CLC ensures protection of clients by maintaining a code of conduct. They also ensure that all regulated entities hold appropriate insurance and operate a compensation fund in case a client suffers a loss. We contribute to our regulator's compensation fund, and in the extraordinarily unlikely event of us ceasing to trade, our regulator can intervene and facilitate estate completion and protection of client monies. 


Code of conduct

We act in accordance with the CLC Code of Conduct and comply with the following Overriding Principles:

  • Act with independence and integrity
  • Maintain high standards of work
  • Act in the best interests of our clients
  • Comply with our duty to the court
  • Deal with regulators and ombudsmen in an open and co-operative way
  • Promote equality of access and service


Client monies protected

Our primary focus is always to act in our clients’ best interests. Part of this obligation is to protect the money and assets we hold on behalf of our clients until they can be distributed to beneficiaries. We therefore maintain a separate bank account to hold all estate monies.

Our handling of this account is subject to the rules and audit processes of our regulator. Our client monies are independently audited by our regulator and auditors on an annual basis. 


Fully regulated by choice

Estate administration providers are not required to be regulated. Therefore, we always recommend checking whether any other providers you may be considering are regulated so that the estate funds are protected no matter what.

We have chosen to be regulated to ensure our clients get the added security and protection that our regulator brings.




Registered company

Kings Court Trust is registered under number 11245 as an alternative business structure under the provisions of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Kings Court Trust Limited is registered in England and Wales under Companies House Registration Number 04508778.

The Managers of Kings Court Trust Limited are: Andrea Pierce (an Authorised Person), Simon Hancox and David Masterton.


Regulated by the CLC
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