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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most by businesses wanting to partner with Kings Court Trust

It’s great to hear that you have a plan in place for helping people when they need it most. Consider the level of service offered to your client and their family; is it just obtaining the Grant of Probate or is it the full estate administration? Is the cost to the estate fixed, based on hours or a percentage fee? Kings Court Trust can work in partnership with you to add an estate administration service to your business proposition.

We help families who have suffered a bereavement to deal with the administration of their loved one's estate. They may be an Executor or Trustee and they are often unaware of the responsibilities involved. We take care of absolutely everything within the estate administration process. We take the legal and financial responsibility off their shoulders and put the onus on ourselves. This leaves the bereaved to deal with the loss in the best way possible, without the stress and complexity of dealing with the estate.

As technology is so important in today’s business environment, we offer our business partners access to our software: Partner Portal. Our technology gives you the option to provide fixed fee quotes for our estate administration service in the comfort of your own office. Unlike most other legal businesses, we do not base our costs on the value of the estate or on a time and expenses basis. As experts in this field, we look at the complexity of the estate and how we would deal with the constituent parts within it. Our system asks around 15-20 questions which you can facilitate, or hand over to our dedicated bereavement support team. Our technology asks questions like if it is first or second death, whether a Will exists, the number of bank accounts, investment details, and if there are any beneficiaries under 18. The software then provides a fixed price quotation in seconds.

What is estate administration?

Probate has become the term commonly associated with handling an individual's estate after they've died but it is just one component of administering an estate. Estate administration is so much more. It’s the process of sorting out a deceased person’s legal and tax affairs. Everything from bank accounts, belongings and property to debts, pensions and Inheritance Tax. 


Our clear price philosophy

We are completely transparent with our pricing structure. We will tell you and your client the fee to administer the estate upfront, giving your client time to carefully consider and compare.



Need to know more?

Our dedicated team of specialists are always here to help.

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