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Estate solutions: Grant and assets

A service for those looking to retain control of the probate process and seeking support for asset collection and distribution

Grant and assets service

Fee of £1,495 excluding VAT and the probate fee

What is this?

We can obtain the Grant of Probate on behalf of the named Executor, if there is a Will or Administrator, if there is no Will. This allows the Executor or Administrator to collect in funds, pay any outstanding debts and then distribute and/or transfer the assets to the beneficiaries.

There may be some assets that remain in the sole name of the deceased. If there are no more than three assets, we can collect in and pay, or transfer the assets to a maximum of two beneficiaries. This does not include property.

We will:

  • Ask the Executor or Administrator to complete a Fact Find, which will ask for key information about the deceased's assets and debts at the date of death.
  • Use the Fact Find to prepare the paperwork for the Probate Registry and HMRC (as necessary) for signature.
  • Submit the application to the Probate Registry.
  • Upon receipt of the Grant of Probate, we will collect in the assets for distribution, or transfer them to the beneficiaries depending on the instruction of the Executor or Administrator.
  • We will then send you the Grant of Probate to complete the process and pay any debts, if required.

Terms and conditions apply

Speak to our dedicated Client Services Team to find out more:

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Other solutions for the probate process:

Option One


Obtain the Grant of Probate.

£995 excluding VAT and the probate fee

Option Three


1. Grant and transfer of property
2. Grant and Trust of property
3. Grant and Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust

Each option has a fee of £1,995 excluding VAT and the probate fee

Option Four


We will complete the full process of estate administration taking on the legal and financial responsibility to do this. From dealing with all assets (such as property, shares and personal possessions), paying debts, paying any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax and transferring inheritance to the beneficiaries of the estate.

From £2,340 excluding VAT
and the probate fee

Clifton Black

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