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The responsibilities of an Executor

On Wednesday 4th March at 1:00pm, Kings Court Trust's Technical Manager, Nigel Merchant, will discuss the role of an Executor in great detail.

Listen to Nigel talk about the responsibilities and liabilities involved, as well as explain what tasks need to be completed during the estate administration process. 

The webinar will also cover best practices for discussing death with your clients and include some case studies which highlight how the estate administration process may not always be as straightforward as it first seems.

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How estate administration can add value to your Will writing business proposition

On Wednesday 4th March at 12:30pm, Jill Clayton, Corporate Partnership Manager at Kings Court Trust will look at how adding an estate administration service to your business proposition can grow your business.

In under 20 minutes, Jill will discuss: 

• Who Kings Court Trust is and what we do
• Why Will writers should offer an estate administration service
• The benefits for you and your clients
• Resources available to support your business
• What Kings Court Trust partners have to say
• Overcoming common objections

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