Highlights from the Kings Court Trust 2019 Seminars

In May 2019, Kings Court Trust travelled the length of the country to provide educational seminars to over 100 of our business..

Introducing our new guide for professionals: Understanding estate administration

Kings Court Trust are pleased to launch a brand new guide to help professionals understand estate administration.

Q+A with Simon Hancox, David Masterton and Tom Curran

There have been some exciting changes at Kings Court Trust in the last month. We welcomed Simon Hancox as our new Chief..

What to expect in 2019

In our first blog post of 2019, we’re making our predictions on what could happen this year and the topics that we think will..

Inheritance Tax review to be published by the end of 2018

There was much speculation that 2018’s Budget would include an update on the Inheritance Tax (IHT) review. Last week when the..

Does the legal industry need to be more transparent about pricing?

Many industry governing bodies have been calling for the legal sector to be more transparent about pricing for some time now...

Research provides insightful findings about the Will writing industry in 2018

The ‘Changing family structures: The Will writing industry in 2018’ research paper provides new and insightful findings about..

How the rise in Inheritance Tax will impact financial advisers

There is a key opportunity in the financial services industry as trillions of pounds are expected to be handed down from the..