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2018 in review

This year has been a big year for government-related announcements, including proposed probate fee changes, civil partnerships set to be extended to mixed-sex couples, and recommendations to simplify Inheritance Tax. 2018’s research papers have also revealed some interesting insights about the Will writing and financial service industries.
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Civil partnerships are set to be extended to mixed-sex couples

on 22-Oct-2018 11:26:35 By | Kings Court Trust | Estate Planning Legislation
Theresa May has announced that all couples in England and Wales will be able to choose to enter into a civil partnership, instead of getting married. Currently, the law allows same-sex couples to either marry or enter into a civil partnership but mixed-sex couples can only choose to marry. Theresa May is planning to change this by taking a Bill through Parliament, in order to give everyone the same life choices.
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Inheritance and Trustees Power Act 2014

on 27-May-2014 09:00:00 By | Kings Court Trust | Estate Administration Blog Legislation
The 14th of May this year has seen the Inheritance and Trustees Powers Act 2014 (ITPA 2014) receive Royal assent meaning that, as of the commencement date of 1 October 2014, significant changes to the intestacy procedures, rules regarding claims against an estate and certain powers of Trustees will come into practice. ITPA 2014 amends already existing legislation, namely:
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