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Vicki Keepen

Vicki Keepen is a Technical Expert at Kings Court Trust and has been part of the technical team since 2016. In addition to dealing with legal and tax matters, she holds a caseload of complicated estates and supports families with their loved ones’ estate administration. Vicki graduated from Coventry University in 2013 with a First Class degree in Law and is currently studying for a STEP Diploma to become a Trusts and Estate Practitioner.

Recent Posts

What is a Grant de Bonis Non?

on 22-Nov-2023 15:09:10 By | Vicki Keepen |
It is already a difficult time when a loved one passes away and their estate is being administered. However, this challenging period can be made even more difficult when the Executor or Administrator (collectively known as Personal Representatives) of the deceased’s estate also passes away during the administration process. When a chain of representation is unable to be used to allow for the administration of the estate to continue, a new application to the Probate Registry will need to be made for a Grant de Bonis Non Administratis (less formally known as a Grant de Bonis Non).
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