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How to find a Will and other important documents

What is a Grant of Representation?

5 steps to creating a simple digital estate plan

What happens to my debt when I die?

An overview of Inheritance Tax and gifting

What is a Trustee in a Will?

10 things to consider when writing your Will

Who should be the Executor of a Will?

What is the probate process?

What is a Grant de Bonis Non?

What is a professional Executor?

What is a codicil?

What are the duties of an Executor of a Will?

How difficult is it to do probate yourself?

Can probate fees be paid from the estate?

What is an excepted estate?

When is probate required? An overview of UK financial institution thresholds

What is a Personal Representative?

Why it’s beneficial to use a professional estate administration provider

Rules of intestacy: What happens when you die without a Will

What to do when someone dies without a Will

Update on probate delays and how to avoid a stopped application

What happens to Premium Bonds when someone dies?

What is a chain of representation?

What is a Deed of Appointment in probate?

Cross-border estates: Estate planning for European assets

What is a Grant of Letters of Administration?

Dying matters: Selecting the Executors of your Will

What is a Grant of Probate?

What are estate accounts?

What does an Administrator of an estate do?

What happens to your loyalty points when you die?

How much does probate cost?

What is a Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust?

Can the Executor of an estate sell the property?

Do I need a Solicitor for probate?

What should I do when someone dies?

What happens if a beneficiary cannot be found?

What happens to property when someone dies?

Life insurance: Is it subject to probate?

What is the difference between probate and estate administration?

What is an Executor of a Will?

What is the purpose of a Will?

Four celebrity deaths that highlight the importance of estate planning

Legacy planning: How to protect your digital memories

Can property improvements and upgrades be made during estate administration?

What is cryptocurrency and what happens to cryptoassets when someone dies?

Arranging and paying for a funeral: The things you need to know

8 life events that should trigger a Will update

How much Inheritance Tax is payable to HMRC on a deceased person's estate?

Why are inheritance disputes on the rise?

Understanding Inheritance Tax and allowances

Celebrity deaths: Lessons for effective estate planning

What can go wrong with the DIY probate approach?

What to do when someone dies and how COVID-19 has changed processes

Complex intestacies: Why you should leave a Will

What will happen to Prince Philip’s multimillion pound estate?

How to leave your mark: 3 unusual ways to scatter cremation ashes

Ensuring your affairs are in order: The importance of estate planning

Will the Inheritance Tax rate rise to pay for the COVID-19 pandemic?

Football hero, Diego Maradona’s complicated financial legacy

TV & radio presenter, Caroline Flack, left no plans for her £2m estate

Kate Garraway's story shines the spotlight on the importance of an LPA

Video Will witnessing to be made legal in England and Wales

Wills, probate and estate administration in a COVID-19 world

Legacy and in-memory giving set to double by 2045

Inheritance disputes set to increase as more British adults are willing to dispute a Will

The proposal to increase probate fees is dropped

New tax figures contribute to the rising cost of death

Could more changes to Inheritance Tax be on the horizon?

Cohabiting couple families continue to grow

Probate fees from July 2019

The Executor guide: Understanding your role

Who died first? The latest High Court battle over inheritance

Handwritten Will found under sofa cushion in Aretha Franklin’s home

Introducing our new probate and estate administration solutions

Inheritance Tax investigations: Executors liable for mistakes

The Office of Tax Simplification makes more recommendations to simplify Inheritance Tax

Probate applications continue to suffer severe delays

Understanding estate administration: A guide for families

Over £30million in Bitcoin stolen raising concerns about the safety of cryptocurrency

Breaking traditions and marking historical changes: how the royal baby highlights the importance of planning ahead

Probate applications suffer severe processing delays

HM Courts and Tribunals Service centralisation plan to include closing probate registries

The increasing need for end of life care: Can we handle it?

Businessman takes £105million worth of cryptocurrency to his grave

Sir Ken Dodd's lasting legacy avoids Inheritance Tax

The ongoing trend of leaving a digital legacy

HM Courts & Tribunals Service expands online probate application service

Case study: The estate of Mrs J

Electronic dance musician, Avicii, left no plans for his £20 million estate

2018 in review

The Office of Tax Simplification provides recommendations to simplify Inheritance Tax

The government move forward with changes to probate fees

Civil partnerships are set to be extended to mixed-sex couples

4 lessons we can learn from recent high profile deaths

Aretha Franklin reportedly died without a Will, leaving her multimillion pound estate to the rules of intestacy

Cryptocurrency: Understanding what it is and how it could impact future inheritances

Playing the Generation Game: Details of Bruce Forsyth's Will revealed

Why is the cost of death rising?

The risks and responsibilities of an Executor or Administrator: How to avoid a hefty Inheritance Tax bill

The royal wedding: The impact of marriage and changing family structures on Wills and estate administration

Prince’s heirs petition mismanaged money as legal fees escalate, leaving little to pass on

Bereavement damages only for married couples could be a thing of the past

Disputes over inheritance – ‘Modern life’ to blame?

Does the legal sector need to be more transparent about pricing?

Leave more for your loved ones. Plan ahead and make future savings.

Prince’s siblings will inherit his $200 million estate following a year long legal battle

Baby boomers unaware of risks of intestacy

Debt higher than savings for over 50s

Could the increase in probate fees be unlawful?

The majority of the population wants financial advice to deal with their retirement

Judge overturns Will after brothers challenge its validity

I’ve been named as an executor. What does this mean?

A quick guide to Inheritance Tax

As an executor, am I personally liable?

What happens to your estate if you die without a Will?

What happens to your digital legacy when you die?

Why should I prepare a Will?

Could there be a battle ahead over Prince’s fortune?

How Kings Court Trust ensures that your inheritance is safe

Kings Court Trust’s response to the planned reform of Grant of Probate fees

Grieving families face significant rise in probate fees

The emotional stress of dealing with a bereavement

The risk of miscalculating your Inheritance Tax - You could be branded a criminal

The Responsibilities of Becoming an Executor

The most peculiar Will requests

DIY Wills "could cause family disputes" warns legal expert

Ten of the strangest Wills of all time

Do you fully understand the new Inheritance Tax (IHT) regulations?

The new Inheritance Tax rules - Good news or too complicated to understand?

Landmark Ilott ruling may boost demand for professional Will writing

What Not to Do When Estate Planning

How a £90 Will from Barclays cost a woman half her father's house

What do our Wills say about us?

What Exactly is a Will?

When William Herd died he left £300,000 but his only son never saw a penny: Why you must write a Will

First Steps After a Death

Case Study: 'Wills on Fire!'

KCT Autumn Seminar Success

PM: Inheritance Tax Should Only Be Paid By The 'Mega Rich'

Middle-Aged Individuals Cannot Expect Inheritance

Changes to Inheritance Law Encouraging Adults To Make A Will

Artwork Received By Government Instead of Tax Payments

Increased Competition To See Probate Cost Fall By 33%

Charity Income From Gifts In Wills Increase By Nearly 10%

Bath In Top Ten Most Expensive Places For Cremations

Will Disputes - Why Are The Number of Cases Rising?

ICAEW Becomes ABS Licensing Authority

Will Claims Triple as Families Pick DIY Executors

Law Society Enjoys 65th Year of Legal Aid

Internet Overtakes Friends and Family As Main Way to Find a Solicitor

Inheritance Tax Recovery Reaches £3.4 Billion

SRA Publishes Risk Outlook For 2014-2015

Pros and Cons of Using Skype For Will Writing

SRA Seeks to Ease Regulatory Pressure on Multi-Disciplinary ABSs

Inheritance and Trustees Power Act 2014

Do Your Loved Ones Know Your Dying Wishes?

Lakeland Mountain For Sale to Pay £9m IHT Bill

Summary of Seminar Success

More Councils Seek ABS Status to Stay Viable

Number of ABSs Surpasses 300

Probate Fees Increase from 22 April

London Cemetery Offers Live 4G Video Feed from the Graveside

Dying Matters: You Only Die Once

ICAEW & CILEx Approved to Regulate Probate Work

Estate Valuation Challenges by HMRC Generate £108m extra IHT

Over 50% of Brits Unaware of the Current IHT Threshold

Post-death Control of Digital Assets

No Family & No Will?

The Importance of Estate Planning

LPA Assist - Free Draw To Win at Our April Seminars

Is Your Will Really Stored Safely & Securely?

Is a GP The Best Person to Conduct Mental Capacity Assessments?

Ensure Your Will is Correctly Signed & Witnessed

How is Mental Capacity Defined and Assessed?

LSB Supports ICAEW's Bid to Regulate Probate Work

Number of Estates Liable for IHT to Double in 4 Years

Joint Accounts Now Routinely Frozen if Capacity Lost

UK Inheritance Figures Total £75bn from 2008-2010

Autumn Seminar Success

Day of the Dead: A Time to Remember Loved Ones

Rising Number of Law Firms Fail to Secure Indemnity Cover

ABSs Starting to Make Waves

Pension Savers Advised to Update Records to Avoid Inheritance Disputes

What is the Future For Claims Against Estates?

Cremated Remains Left Unclaimed at Funeral Homes

The Re-Use of Graves: Unacceptable Practice of Practical Solution?

Digital Life After Death

Kings Court Trust Secures Investment for Growth of Partner Network

7m Homeowners in the UK Yet to Make a Will

What Can Be Done to Stop Mail Addressed to a Person Who Has Died?

Children to Receive Lessons on How to Cope With Grief

Consumer Panel Remain Insistent on Path to Will Writing Regulation

Quarter of Older Britons Plan to Leave No Inheritance

Treasury Doubles Income From Assets of People Dying Intestate

Government Decides Not to Reserve Will Writing

Would You Record Your Last Wishes on Video?

More People Going Online for Legal Services

Will Writing & Probate Top Reasons for Approaching Legal Firms