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Is Your Will Really Stored Safely & Securely?

Posted by Kings Court Trust | 22-Jan-2014 09:00:00

Testators have a lot invested in their Will – not just the costs of having it professionally written, but also the desired result when the need for dealing with the estate administration arises.

From a risk management perspective, have you considered the impact of simply keeping such an important document with your papers at home?

Your Will could become lost or be destroyed inadvertently or even on purpose. Fires and floods do happen, as people affected by the Great British weather of late are only too aware… Risk of loss is also increased at stressful times, for example when moving house, which we are all likely to do at some point during our lives.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to store your Will in a secure facility.  We all take care of things that we treasure; we keep our money in the bank and jewels or other valuables perhaps in a safe or strongbox.

Kings Court Trust (KCT) is a regulated probate company that has been providing Will Storage and Probate and Estate Administration services for families since it was founded in 2002.

As part of our service, KCT provides a safe, dry and secure Will storage facility to give you complete peace of mind.

KCT works alongside many Will writing professionals, Wealth Management companies and Solicitors alike in order to safeguard their clients’ documents during their entire lifetime.

Kings Court Trust stores tens of thousands of Wills for Testators. On receipt of the Will, we write to Testators to confirm we have their Will. We also supply individual storage certificates and leaflets for the Executors so that, come the day, they know where to go to get the Will – without having to search the Testator's loft.

Author: Kings Court Trust

Kings Court Trust is an award-winning probate and estate administration provider that support families at the difficult time of losing a loved one. Our tax and legal teams have the expertise to advise on any situation. We are committed to offering families a great service for a fair price which is why we work on a fixed fee basis so they know exactly what our service will cost from the outset.

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