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Why is the cost of death rising?

Posted by Kings Court Trust | 14-Jun-2018 09:44:00

Past research has shown that the cost of death is soaring, with funerals becoming more expensive than ever before.  

It is estimated that an average funeral now costs £4,000 and reports suggest that this is largely down to the increase in basic charges being made by local councils, which have risen by as much as 30% across the UK. It has been suggested that councils are increasing their charges as part of a strategy to recoup money following years of cuts to their budgets. 

In addition, some funeral director fees are rising above the rate of inflation. This combination could result in families struggling to pay for the type of funeral they want to provide for a loved one. Typically half of burial costs go towards a coffin, a gravedigger and buying the lease for a plot, while a third of a cremation bill goes on the use of a crematorium and the service itself. 

The report also highlights that burial costs vary significantly depending on where you live in the UK. Fermanagh and Omagh in Northern Ireland is the cheapest place to be buried in the UK, with only a £255 fee to pay.  However, people who die in South West London pay around 18 times that at £4,561. 

Tom Curran, Chief Executive at Kings Court Trust said; “Funeral costs in some parts of the country have risen steeply over the last decade, despite many funeral directors trying their best to keep their costs in line with inflation. The reality is that many families may struggle to afford funeral they want for their loved one if they have not planned in advance. At Kings Court Trust, we can cover funeral costs up front, before cash assets in an estate are realised. We recover these costs back from the estate at a later date, so the family doesn’t need to worry about funding it themselves. We believe that it is our duty to help families through this difficult time period by making the process as painless as possible, which in turn can help them to move on.”

Kings Court Trust offers a comprehensive estate administration service for a transparent fixed price.  For more information on our services or if you have any questions relating to the estate administration process, contact our client services team on 0300 303 9000.

Source: Todayswillsandprobate.co.uk

Author: Kings Court Trust

Kings Court Trust is an award-winning probate and estate administration provider that support families at the difficult time of losing a loved one. Our tax and legal teams have the expertise to advise on any situation. We are committed to offering families a great service for a fair price which is why we work on a fixed fee basis so they know exactly what our service will cost from the outset.

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