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Over £30million in Bitcoin stolen raising concerns about the safety of cryptocurrency

on Jun 12, 2019 10:45:20 AM By | Kings Court Trust | Digital Assets Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency is digital money that is stored in a virtual wallet and uses encryption techniques to generate currency and verify the transfer of funds. Want to learn more about what cryptocurrency is and how it can impact future inheritances? Read our previous blog post which goes into detail about the digital currency.
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The ongoing trend of leaving a digital legacy

By the end of this century, the number of dead people on the popular social media network, Facebook, is expected to outnumber living members – turning it into the world’s biggest ‘virtual graveyard’.
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How to manage your estate in the digital age

With an ever increasing amount of our lives spent and documented online, it is perhaps unsurprising that many companies now offer services that allow you to manage your digital assets, even after you have died. This can include everything from a service that saves all of your passwords in one place, to a system that will send messages to your loved ones after you have passed away.
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Post-death Control of Digital Assets

The Centre for Death & Society (CDAS) was established in September 2005 and is based at the University of Bath, just up the hill from the Kings Court Trust (KCT) office. CDAS conducts internationally recognised research on the social aspects of death,dying, and bereavement and has a broad community of members and doctoral candidates.
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