The risks and responsibilities of an Executor or Administrator: How to avoid a hefty Inheritance Tax bill

A recent article from the Telegraph revealed how a personal representative was left with a staggering Inheritance Tax (IHT)..

The Responsibilities of Becoming an Executor

Here at Kings Court Trust (KCT), we are often asked about the responsibilities of becoming an executor and what this actually..

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Are you the Personal Representative (PR) of someone’s estate?

Why is Executor Choice Important?

Having a Will in place is essential to ensure your property and assets are distributed according to your wishes after you pass..

Grace Li is Tax Manager at Kings Court Trust and explains what it means to be the Personal Representative of someone’s estate and..

The short answer is, yes.  Executors are legally responsible for dealing with the deceased’s estate.  This typically involves..

The 'Tell Us Once' Service

The ‘Tell Us Once’ Birth and Bereavement service was developed jointly by local authorities and central government, and was..

What to Do When Someone Dies: Do I Need a Probate Solicitor?

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