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Keeping your Will safe – Why is it important?

Posted by Kings Court Trust | Jul 20, 2016 9:53:00 AM

We all take care of things that we treasure; we keep our money in the bank and jewels or other valuables in a safe or strongbox - so if you think about it, it makes perfect sense to store your Will in a secure and safe location as well.  

Your Will is vitally important in enabling you to leave clear instructions on how your estate is to be distributed. If anything happens to your Will or if your executor doesn’t know where to find it, you may as well not have written one.  

The original Last Will and Testament is the only document that will be legally accepted and it must be in pristine condition to ensure that there are no complications when following the wishes set out in it.  It is vital that your documents are stored appropriately so that it meets the specific requirements of the Probate Courts when it is presented by your executor(s).

Tom Curran, Chief Executive at estate administration specialist Kings Court Trust comments: “Many people will understandably assume that the safest place to store their Will is within their house but research shows that the majority of family members (67%) wouldn’t know where their relative’s Will is stored at home.

It is also important to ask yourself, what happens if the worse happens and your house is burgled, damaged by fire or flooded?  Or what happens if the documents are mislaid during a move or clear out? At Kings Court Trust we always recommend you speak to your Will writer regarding storage solutions so that your Will is kept safe and in good condition.”

Kings Court Trust store over 100,000 Wills on behalf of our partners and their clients at a professional storage facility. We take ownership and full responsibility for the lifetime storage of your Will, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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