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Dying in Leeds One of the Highest Costs in the Country

Posted by Kings Court Trust | Feb 12, 2015 9:00:00 AM

The cost of dying is continuing to increase at an alarming rate according to a recent report by BT and according to the Yorkshire Evening Post – the cost of dying in Leeds is actually one of the highest in the country.

Leeds has been classed as the third most expensive major city in which to die outside of London in the UK. In Leeds, it costs £748 to be cremated, and £2,138 for a burial. The cremation fee was the highest cost out of the eight major cities included in the report (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield), whereas the burial cost was the third highest. Leeds was also the most expensive city in which to be included in the City Council's book of remembrance – at £302.

In fact, figures show that since the beginning of February the cost of burial or cremation in Leeds has increased by 4% already, with the city council looking to raise £235,000 to help with the £375,000 gap in its bereavement services budget.

In a statement made on behalf of Leeds City Council, a representative said: "While we've worked to keep increases as low as possible, the service requires a significant subsidy by taxpayers which in line with the council's difficult overall budget position needs to be addressed." He continued to note that the council had invested a large amount in recent years to build a new cemetery and improve existing ones.

More general news regarding the cost of dying has shown that sales of pre-paid funeral plans are increasing significantly as people try to pre-empt the staggering costs an unexpected death can bring, with one in ten funerals now being paid for in advance.

How surprised are you that Leeds was one of the most expensive cities in which to die? If you're from the area we'd be interested to know why you think that is.

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