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A partner email highlighting how you can grow your business

Posted by Kings Court Trust | Mar 31, 2020 12:53:46 PM

We recently asked one of our business partners to get in touch with a prospective partner and share their experience of working in partnership with Kings Court Trust. We received a copy of the email that was sent and we are extremely thankful for the kind words they shared. Therefore, we also wanted to publicly share this email with our network of existing and prospective partners.

The partner has asked to remain anonymous due to the fact that they have shared confidential financial information. We have therefore kept the identities of both parties anonymous. 

Read the email below...

Dear Prospective Partner,

As I hope you’re aware, Jill Clayton at Kings Court Trust has asked me to get in touch regarding my business’ estate administration partnership. Jill said that you had some concerns around how including Kings Court Trust’s estate administration service can grow your business and would like some clarification from a current partner.

Over the last two years, our relationship has really developed and we’ve generated a significant amount of income from the partnership. In 18 months, we’ve received a total fee share of just under £19,000 from the estates we’ve referred. Each referral fee has varied due to the amount of work involved but the highest fee share we’ve received is £2,694 on a full estate administration case.

More importantly, we feel that Kings Court Trust has helped us provide a better service to our clients and their families. During their lifetime, our clients feel assured that their families will have the option of seeking help from myself and Kings Court Trust’s service when they pass away. It has also helped us build relationships with the family members and we are frequently seeing them come to us for financial advice on what to do with their inheritance and/or to create their own Will. Kings Court Trust will refer the beneficiaries back to us, but we also keep in touch with the family throughout the estate administration process which certainly helps. 

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I hope the information I’ve provided will help your decision.

Kind regards,

Kings Court Trust Partner.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can work in partnership with Kings Court Trust, please contact us by calling 0333 207 5470 or emailing

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