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More Than 16% of Over 60s Leave a Charitable Donation in their Will

Posted by Kings Court Trust | Jul 28, 2015 9:00:00 AM

According to a survey conducted by Remember A Charity, one in six Britons aged 60 and above have decided to include a charitable donation in their Will, the Charity Times website reports.

Rob Cope, director for Remember a Charity said that it is “fantastic” that so many people have been leaving charitable donations in their Wills. 

"People know they can give in this way and many are willing, but there is a need to normalise this form of giving and ensure that it becomes a regular part of the discussion when planning a person's inheritance or will”, commented Cope.

The survey questioned 2,000 UK adults within two age brackets: 45-59, and 60-plus. From the results, it was found that of those people who did not currently include a legacy in their Will, over one third (35%) said they would definitely consider doing so. Over one quarter (28%), however, had not yet written a Will.

One fact that may have affected the number of people leaving a charitable donation in their Will is that 22% of over 60s said they already spent time volunteering for various causes.

There is a Remember a Charity in your Will Week taking place at the beginning of September this year. Do you believe that awareness can be raised to encourage people to leave charitable donations in their Wills?

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