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What happens to Premium Bonds when someone dies?

on 19-Jul-2023 10:50:00 By | Nigel Merchant |
Please note that Kings Court Trust only deals with Premium Bonds when administering the estate of an owner who has passed away. We are not able to track, claim, or sell Premium Bonds otherwise. When someone passes away, all of their assets must be dealt with as part of the estate administration process. This can include property, personal belongings, cash, bank accounts, and more. One asset that is not as commonly discussed is Premium Bonds. However, Premium Bonds form part of an individual’s estate just like a bank or savings account and therefore must be dealt with when handling the assets.
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What is a chain of representation?

on 03-Jul-2023 15:09:40 By | Nigel Merchant |
The chain of representation refers to the legal framework that allows for the continuous administration of an estate after the death of an individual. When someone is appointed as an Executor under a Grant of Probate (if the deceased had a valid Will) or an Administrator under a Grant of Letters of Administration (if the deceased did not have a valid Will), they become the representative of the deceased person's estate. This representation is formally granted to them by the Probate Registry.
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What is a Deed of Appointment in probate?

on 22-Jun-2023 10:21:58 By | Nigel Merchant |
During the probate and estate administration processes, you may come across unfamiliar jargon; this could include Trusts, Trustees, and Deeds of Appointment. This blog will provide an overview of what a Deed of Appointment is and how it relates to Trusts and probate.
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What is a Grant of Letters of Administration?

on 11-May-2023 16:02:50 By | Nigel Merchant |
Dealing with the estate of a loved one after they have passed away can be a complex and emotional process. One important step in the estate administration process can be obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration (also known as simply Letters of Administration).
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What is a Grant of Probate?

on 19-Apr-2023 10:04:00 By | Charlotte Toogood |
What is a Grant of Probate? “What is a Grant of Probate?” is a frequently asked question by those newly tasked with administering the estate of a loved one who has recently passed away. A Grant of Probate, commonly referred to as probate, is a legal document that is often required in England and Wales by the Executor(s) (if there is a Will) of a deceased person’s estate. In Scotland, the process is known as Confirmation. A Grant of Probate is often requested by financial institutions to access bank accounts, sell assets, and settle the debts of someone who has died. Once probate is granted, this provides the Executor with the legal authority to administer the deceased’s estate and complete the above tasks.
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What are estate accounts?

on 13-Apr-2023 10:38:58 By | Nigel Merchant |
Estate accounts are one of the final stages in the estate administration process. These accounts are a detailed record of all the financial transactions that have occurred during the administration of an estate.
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How much does probate cost?

on 15-Mar-2023 11:48:37 By | Charlotte Toogood |
Probate is a legal process that may be necessary when someone dies and leaves assets behind. It involves obtaining a Grant of Probate to give the Executor the legal right to proceed with estate administration. This includes identifying and valuing the deceased’s assets, paying any debts and expenses , distributing those assets to their beneficiaries, and much more.
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Do I need a Solicitor for probate?

on 21-Feb-2023 09:19:00 By | Charlotte Toogood |
Following a bereavement, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed, which can make an already difficult time even more stressful. The Executor (if there is a Will) or Administrator (if there is no Will) is responsible for administering the deceased’s estate as per the wishes in their Will. They should consider: Whether probate is needed What’s involved in the probate process Whether a probate Solicitor is required In this blog, we aim to answer these queries and alleviate confusion around the probate application process.
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What is a Grant of Representation?

on 31-Jan-2023 13:24:16 By | Nigel Merchant |
A Grant of Representation is a legal document issued in the United Kingdom that gives the person named on it the authority to administer the estate and other assets of a deceased person. In simple terms, it is a document that proves that the person handling the deceased's assets has the legal right to do so.
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