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What is the probate process?

on 17-Jan-2024 11:30:00 By | Nigel Merchant |
When a loved one passes away, there are many tasks that must be completed before their estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries. One of those tasks may be applying for probate; probate is not always needed, but if it’s required, it can be a confusing process that involves a lot of time and effort. This blog aims to simplify probate and explain what it is, when it’s required, and the application process.
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Can the Executor of an estate sell the property?

on 23-Feb-2023 09:33:47 By | Nigel Merchant |
The Executor of an estate has the authority to sell the property of the deceased, as long as it is specified in the Will or authorised by the court. However, the Executor needs to be sure there are no surviving joint owners or clauses in the Will that prevent selling the property.
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What happens if a beneficiary cannot be found?

on 11-Jan-2023 09:03:00 By | Nigel Merchant |
When someone passes away, their loved ones and those dealing with their estate are left with a variety of tasks that must be completed before inheritance can be distributed. If the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate cannot be found, this can cause additional stress and work at a time that is already difficult.
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What will happen to Prince Philip’s multimillion pound estate?

on 15-Apr-2021 09:25:01 By | Kings Court Trust |
The United Kingdom went into national mourning last week as the news broke that His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, sadly passed away on Friday at the age of 99. He was the longest-serving royal consort in British history, having been married to Her Majesty The Queen for more than seven decades. The question that is now starting to surface within the industry is “what will happen to Prince Philip’s multimillion pound estate?”.
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Aretha Franklin reportedly died without a Will, leaving her multimillion pound estate to the rules of intestacy

on 29-Aug-2018 11:51:19 By | Kings Court Trust |
After a near six decades in the spotlight, Aretha Franklin has died at the age of 76, reportedly without leaving a Will. The Queen of Soul passed away at her home in Detroit on Thursday the 16th of August, after an on-going battle with pancreatic cancer.
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Little Things Mean a Lot

on 27-Mar-2012 09:00:00 By | Kings Court Trust |
It seems that nowadays we can’t turn on the TV without coming across a programme about antiques, often featuring a treasured item that has been passed down through generations. The expert’s valuation may be minimal, but usually the current owner professes a great attachment to the item as being an important link to a departed relative. So whether or not our personal chattels have major monetary value, it can be important to use our Will to pass them on appropriately – but what is the best way to do it?
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Storing Wills: Don't Spread Important Documents Around too Thinly

on 08-Dec-2011 09:00:00 By | Kings Court Trust |
As part of its service, Kings Court Trust provides a safe, dry and secure Will storage facility. Testators have a lot invested in their will – not just the costs of having it professionally written, but also the effects it will have when the need for probate arises. From a prudent risk management perspective, testators should consider the wisdom of simply keeping such an important document with their papers at home where the Will could, conceivably, become lost or be destroyed inadvertently or even on purpose. Fires and floods do happen and risk of loss is increased at stressful times as when moving house.
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Legacies to Peak in 2047 and Halve Within 15 Years…

on 03-Oct-2011 09:00:00 By | Kings Court Trust |
According to a recent HSBC survey ‘The Age of Inheritance’, the average legacy received today is £46,000, although half of all people who inherit actually receive under £10,000.
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A Perfect Storm

on 22-Aug-2011 09:00:00 By | Kings Court Trust |
Although it can be risky, administering an estate is usually relatively straightforward to the experienced practitioner. Occasionally, though, some elements of a particular estate will test the mettle of the best. Nicholas Beetham looks at a recent “perfect storm” estate which, although demanding, presented no more than a welcome challenge to Kings Court, who administered it smoothly and without fuss.
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