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Man hides inheritance from government to claim benefits

Another day and another inheritance scandal, it seems. The latest article featured in The Courier detailed how an unemployed man managed to hide thousands of pounds from the government in order to claim benefits illegally.
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How a £90 Will from Barclays cost a woman half her father's house

Barclays are being sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds by a woman who claims the bank’s Will writing service resulted in her losing a stake in her late father’s London home. Although the bank is contesting the reports, Telegraph Money have revealed that when the complaint was assessed by the Financial Ombudsman Service, the bank was found at fault so the complaint has been progressed to the High Court.
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LSB Abandons Attempts to Get "General Legal Advice" Reserved

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has abandoned attempts to determine whether the government should amend its list of reserved legal activities to include general legal advice, but has suggested it could seek to exclude probate from the list.
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Legal Services: A Time of Change

Four in ten solicitor-led firms in England and Wales provide advice and expertise in the area of wills, trusts, probate and estate administration, according to new research conducted by the Ministry of Justice, the Legal Services Board (LSB) and the Law Society.
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The LSB Asks "Should General Legal Advice Be a Reserved Activity?"

By the start of 2014, the Legal Services Board (LSB) expects to have made a recommendation to the Lord Chancellor about the regulation of Will writing and estate administration, it said in its draft business plan for the year, published for consultation last week.
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LSB Baseline Report Paints Mixed Picture of Legal Services Market

The Legal Services Board (LSB) last month released its final baseline report on the impacts of change in the legal services market over the past six years leading to the implementation of the Alternative Business Structure (ABS) regime.
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LSB Sets Out Measures To Assess the Effect of Legal Market Reforms on Access to Justice

The Legal Services Board (LSB) this month published a discussion paper outlining how it would evaluate the impact of key changes in the legal services market, such as the new business model (issuing of ABS licences), on access to justice.   The organisation proposed a set of eight measures to monitor access to justice for individual consumers, making wide use of previous research and approaching areas where it has scarce information, such as the impact of technology on the legal market.
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BBA Advises Against Regulating Banks for Will Writing and Estate Administration

The British Bankers' Association (BBA), who recently took part in the Legal Services Board (LSB) consultation on the possibility of Will writing and estate administration becoming reserved legal activities, said that it is hard to identify which of the regulators would take charge of banks.
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