Estate administration fees - a simple guide

We know the last thing people want at such a difficult time is the added stress of large legal bills or unexpected fees associated with the cost of probate and estate administration.

Many providers will charge a percentage of the estate, usually between 1-5%, so you can imagine how big the final bill might be if you had a sizable estate of, for example, £500,000. Others operate on an hourly rate, with added extras, so this can soon add up.

We don’t think this is a fair way to charge for estate administration. Here at Kings Court Trust, we believe that everyone is entitled to know exactly how much a service will cost from the very beginning.

Our estate administration fees explained

We are committed to fair, fixed and transparent pricing for all our estate administration services.

  • Fixed fees - Our estate administration fees are fixed at the outset so you know exactly what you will pay for the work. Provided we have all the correct information when making this quote, this fixed fee is guaranteed not to change so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or a ‘ticking meter’. Our fees for full estate administration are taken from the estate, provided there are adequate liquid assets available, so you don’t need to worry about covering the cost of the service.
  • All-inclusive– A fixed fee from us comprises everything needed to complete the work, including any third party costs such as Court Fees (often called "disbursements") and VAT.
  • Fair - We do not have a minimum fee. Our estate administration fees are calculated by reference to the actual work that needs to be done. Our prices are never calculated by using a percentage of the value of an estate, nor do we charge by the hour.
  • Transparent – We explain to the family how we have calculated the price. In simple terms, the calculation is produced by examining the complexity of the estate and thereby estimating the amount of time we will need to do the work. As estate administration specialists experts, we have confidence in our ability to then fix this price for the benefit of the family.