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 Fixed Fee Probate Quote

Award-Winning Estate Administration & Probate Specialists

At Kings Court Trust, we are specialists focusing solely on estate administration.  Not only can we help you obtain a Grant from the Probate Registry (either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration), but we can carry out the whole estate administration process.  This will include reviewing the testator’s Will, gathering in assets and discharging debts, identifying the beneficiaries and paying their inheritance, and doing everything to bring the estate administration to a conclusion as quickly as possible.  We do not provide litigation services so are unable to assist you in settling family disputes or contentious probate matters, or help you resolve disputes with asset holders.

What are the benefits of our full estate administration service?

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Fixed fees and no payment upfront 

We are proud to offer transparent pricing by only offering fixed fees based on the work involved in the estate.

When we take care of everything involved, the fixed fee is payable from the estate later on in the process.

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We'll take on the legal &  financial responsibility

The complex process of taking care of one's affairs leaves individuals with significant legal and financial responsibility.

This is where Kings Court Trust can help by taking on this burden in full estate administration cases. 


Regulated and experienced service

We are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), who are a licensing body for probate.

Our in-house probate solicitors and tax specialists are experts in this field and can handle any situation - no matter how complex it may seem.

We pride ourselves on our personal service

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service for all families who entrust us to handle the estate administration. Through every step of the way, our specialist teams will care for you and the estate in a professional and empathetic way.

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