Artwork from Lucien Freud estate left to UK galleries

We occasionally come across stories in the news relating to high profile artworks and artefacts that have been left to public..

When William Herd died he left £300,000 but his only son never saw a penny: Why you must write a Will

We’re sure you were as equally shocked as we were to hear about this case today. Stuart Herd’s widowed father, William,..

Now this story certainly caught our eye – according to the Leicester Mercury, legal firm Legacy Probate Services have announced..

We were quite excited to discover that a number of wills – some from incredibly famous stars, were to be made available online..

An interesting subject seems to be trending at the moment, "silver separators”, this is when older couples are separating much..

Every now and then we like to remind ourselves why certain rules and regulations exist, and a recent article published on the..

A story that recently caught our attention was about the wills of Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Princess Diana being..

This is a particularly sad story regarding will writing, but one that we thought was particularly important to cover; as was..

Here at KCT, we came across an article on the Cover Magazine website this week which stated that around 35% of those aged over 50..