Talking About Death Makes Britons Uncomfortable

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Death is one of the topics Britons are most reluctant to talk about, according to new research carried out by Santander Insurance.

The Daily Mail reported that nearly a third (29%) of Britons feel embarrassed about discussing death and dying with their loved ones, even though opening up on the subject would give better emotional and financial protection.

One in ten respondents to the survey said they were unaware of their partner's financial arrangements and just four in ten said they were familiar with such matters. A total of 27% of the respondents said they did not know what would happen to the estate if their partner suddenly died and one in three people admitted they were yet to make the necessary provisions to financially protect their loved ones if the worst was to happen.

The findings from Santander also revealed that 54% of people are worried they would not manage financially if a loved one passed away, with women less confident about being able to cope than men.

Other topics that were seen as even tougher to discuss than asking for a divorce included telling a loved one you are ill, passing on the news of the death of a family member, or asking your family for money. Discussing inheritance rights was also amongst the most difficult topics.