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We are proud to be one of the UK’s leading estate administration specialists, having distributed over £1 billion in inheritance.

It’s a considerable amount, but there’s a family just like yours behind every single estate. 
So we handle every estate with the utmost care.


Estate administration
can be complex

 Get it wrong and the ramifications for you and your family can be serious. But we’ve got the expertise and experience to take care of everything for you. Sensitively and properly.

We distribute assets
as soon as possible

Administering estates is what we specialise in all day, every day. We’ve got the systems and team in place to keep your case moving forward and we’re committed to distributing the assets as quickly as possible.

You thought you
needed probate...

We think you need Kings Court Trust. From dealing with Inheritance Tax to re-homing family pets, we go the extra mile to make sure everything works out for you. And with us, everything's included in the price.